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OTEXA Group 206, Specialty and Industrial Fabrics

The Department of Commerce Office of Textiles and Apparel ("OTEXA") reports, monthly, on U.S. exports of specialty and industrial fabric (known as the OTEXA Group 206 Report). To see the latest report, click here.

The following table lists commodity classifications in Schedule B: Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States ("Schedule B Numbers") in the OTEXA Group 206 Report, along with brief descriptions. At the six-digit level the Schedule B Numbers in the table are linked to the corresponding Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System six-digit Subheadings (please note that in some cases the Schedule B Number is further defined at the eight- or ten-digit level).

Schedule B Description
3921.12.0000 Plates,Sheets,Etc, & Strip,Cell,Plym Vinyl Chlorid
3921.13.0000 Plates,Sheets,Etc, & Strip,Cell Of Polyurethanes
3921.90.1000 Plates,Sheets,Etc & Strip,Exc Cell,Combined W Text
5804.10.0000 Tuls & Oth Net Fab Nt Inc Wov, Knt Or Croch Fabs
5804.21.0000 Lace In Pce, Strp, Motif, Nt 6002-6006, Mec Mmf
5804.29.0000 Lace In Piece,Not Of 6002,Mech Mde Lce Oth Tex Mat
5804.30.0000 Lace, Strips/Motifs, Not Of 6002, Handmade Lace
5806.10.0000 Wov Pile Fab (Inc Terry Towel & Sim) & Chenile Fab
5806.20.0000 Narr Wov Fab Nesoi Ge 5% Elastomrc Yrn/Rubber Thrd
5806.31.0000 Narrow Woven Fabrics, Nesoi, Of Cotton
5806.32.1010 Rbns, Mmf Stble/F Mfr Of Typwtr O/Sim Rbn Hdg 9612
5806.32.1090 Ribbons Of Narrow Wov Fab: Man-Made Fibers, Nesoi
5806.32.2000 Narrow Woven Fabrics Of Manmade Fiber, Nesoi
5806.39.1000 Narrow Woven Fabrics Of Wool Or Fine Animal Hair
5806.39.2000 Nar Wov Fab Of Vegetable Fibers Exc Cotton
5806.39.3010 Nar Wov Fab 85% Or More By Wgt Silk, Nesoi
5806.39.3020 Narrow Woven Fabrics Of Metalized Yarn, Nesoi
5806.39.3080 Narrow Woven Fabrics Of Textile Material, Nesoi
5806.40.0000 Nar Fab Warp W/O Weft Assembled With An Adhesive
5808.10.0000 Braid In Piece W/O Embroid Oth Than Knit/Crocheted
5808.90.0000 Orn Trim Pe W/O Embroid N/Kt Croc, Tasel, Pom, Etc
5809.00.0000 Woven Fab Of Metal Thread & Metalized Yarn, Nesoi
5810.10.0000 Embroid In Pce, Strips, Motifs W/O Visible Ground
5810.91.0000 Embroid In Pe, Strip Or Motifs: Oth Embroid Of Cot
5810.92.0000 Embroid In Pe, Strip Or Motifs: Oth Embroid Of Mmf
5810.99.0000 Embroid Pe, Strp/Motif: Oth Embroid Nesoi Tex Mat
5811.00.0000 Qult Tex Prod Pe Gt 1 Lay W/Pad Stch N/Embr H 5810
5901.10.0000 Textl Fabrc,Coatd W-Gum/Amylc,Outer Cover Of Books
5901.90.0000 Tracing Cloth;Preprd Paintg Canvas;Buckram-Hat Fnd
5902.10.0000 Tire Crd Fab Of Hgh Tncy Yrn, Nyln, Oth Polymdes
5902.20.0000 Tire Cord Fabric Of High Tenacity Yarn, Polyesters
5902.90.0000 Tire Cord Fabric Of High Tenacity Yarn, Visc Rayon
5903.10.1000 Textile Fab Impreg, Coated Etc With Pvc, Of Cot
5903.10.1600 Textile Fabrics,Mmf,Coated,Etc, Polyvinyl Chloride
5903.10.3000 Textile Fab Impreg, Coated, Cvrd, Lam W/Pvc, Nesoi
5903.20.1000 Tex Fab, Impreg, Ctd, Cvrd, Lam W/Polyur Of Cotton
5903.20.1600 Textile Fabrics Mmf, Coated, Etc With Polyurethane
5903.20.3010 Tex Fab Impreg,Ctd,Cvrd, Lam W/Polyur Of Wool/Fah
5903.20.3090 Tex Fabric Impreg, Ctd, Cvrd, Lam W/Polyur, Nesoi
5903.90.1000 Tex Fab Imprg, Ctd, Cvd, Lam, Exc Pvc/Polyur, Cot
5903.90.1600 Tex Fabric Mmf Coated,Etc With Other Plastic,Nesoi
5903.90.3010 Tex Fab Imprg,Ctd,Cvd,Lam W/Plstc, Nesoi, Wool/Fah
5903.90.3090 Textile Fabric, Imprg, Ctd, Cvd W/Plastic, Nesoi
5904.10.0000 Linoleum, Whether Or Not Cut To Shape
5904.90.0000 Flr Coverings Exc Linoleum, Coated Etc On A Tex Ba
5906.10.0000 Adhesive Tape Not Over 20 Cm Wide
5906.91.1000 Rub Textile Fabrics Nesoi, Knit Or Crochet, Cotton
5906.91.1800 Rubberized Textile Fabrics,Knitted/Crochetd Of Mmf
5906.91.3000 Rub Textile Fabric Nesoi Knit Etc Not Cot Or Mmf
5906.99.1000 Rub Textile Fabrics Nesoi, Not Knit Etc, Cotton
5906.99.1800 Rubberized Textile Fabrics,Not Knitd/Crocheted,Mmf
5906.99.3000 Rub Textile Fabric Nesoi, No Knit Etc No Cot Or Mm
5907.00.0000 Textl Fabrc,Coatd,Etc,Theatrcl Scenery,Back-Cloths
5908.00.0000 Textile Wicks For Lamps Etc And Gas Mantles Etc
5909.00.0000 Textile Hosepiping And Similar Textile Tubing
5910.00.0000 Transmsn/Convyr Belts,Tex Matrl,Whthr/Not Reinfrcd
5911.10.1000 Textile Rubberized Printers Blankets
5911.10.2000 Textile Fabrics, Oth Than Printers' Rubber Blanket
5911.20.0000 Bolting Cloth, Whether Or Not Made-Up
5911.31.0000 Textile Fabrics/Felts Papermaking Wghtg Lt 650g/M2
5911.32.0000 Textile Fabrics Etc, Papermaking, 650 G/M2 Or More
5911.40.0000 Textile Straining Cloth Used In Oil Presses Etc
5911.90.0040 Textile Cords, Braids & The Like, Used In Industry
5911.90.0080 Textile Products Etc For Technical Uses Nesoi
7019.40.0000 Narrow Fabrics, Woven, Of Glass Fiber Rovings
7019.51.0000 Other Woven Fabrics Of A Width Not Exceed 30 Cm
7019.52.0000 Oth Wvn Narrow Fbrcs, Ov 30cm Wd, Pln Weave, Etc.
7019.59.0000 Other Woven Fabrics Of Glass Fibers, Nesoi
9612.10.9000 Typewriter Or Similar Ribbons, Nesoi

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